Ok. here’s the deal:
We promise that all donations go to the upkeep of this site, and for attaining material/software/equipment to further develop the software. If there is nothing more to buy (for development purposes) that we can think of, we will buy beer. In the unlikely event that we end up with too much beer, we will invite you to help us drink it. 😉

Please keep in mind, however, that your donations don’t automatically entitle you to bug us to death with never ending questions about speaker design issues in general (of course we always answer questions about WinISD itself). What your donations do accomplish, is the ability for us to keep our software freeware for everybody (think teamwork).

Remember that even small donations of a few dollars are very welcome too. We’re just as happy to get lots of little fish as we are to get the occasional big fish. (After all, lots of little woofers can sound just as good as a single big one.)

How it works (in 10 easy steps!):
1. If you don’t already have one, set up a PayPal account at
2. Reflect on the many hours WinISD has saved you during your speaker building endeavors.
3. Drink beer.
4. Send us a donation.
5. Enjoy an instantaneous sensation of joy, and revel in your contribution to humanity. (Music counts towards humanity credits in college, after all.)
6. Light a candle.
7. Give your spouse some beer.
8. Turn down the lights.
9. Put some good music through those new speakers of yours.
10. Lay some pipe.